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Historical Document Database

The MNBC Historic Document Database provides access to thousands of historical documents including photographs, Hudson's Bay Company records, Church missionary records, and personal accounts. Each document is indexed by items such as its source, subjects, family names and geographic locations mentioned within the document. Google Maps are also used to help interpret the indexes and help demonstrate historical Métis land and resource use in British Columbia.

This project gathers documents from both historical archives and directly from British Columbia's Métis community on an ongoing basis. If you would like to contribute any old photos, letters, or documents in your family's collection, please visit the Contribute Files page.

Harvesting Survey

The Harvesting Survey project gathers information on current and past harvesting practices throughout British Columbia in order to better understand their scope and density. The data gained through community-based interviews with Métis land users and local Métis Leadership is used to generate maps that can interactively demonstrate harvesting activities.

Detailed information on various animal and plant species as well as relationships between family member's harvest practices is also studied in order to better understand how harvesting practices and traditional knowledge are passed on from generation to generation.