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BC Métis Mapping Research Project

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Historical Document Database

Fish Creek - 1927
Fish Creek Hudson's Bay Company post in the winter of 1927

View thousands of Métis historical documents, genealogical information, photographs, Hudson's Bay Company records, Church missionary records, and personal Métis accounts. Share personal insights by commenting on these documents.

Contribute personally to our collective understanding of Métis in British Columbia by uploading documents or photos. Once archived, you can be confident that these documents are protected for generations to come.

The Métis of British Columbia - Culture, History and the Contemporary Community

About the Métis
Sketch of an early encampment where the Métis sash is shown.

Harvester Survey and Mapping

Harvesting Survey Map
Map of initial survey data indicating the intensity of harvest practices in South-Eastern British Columbia

See maps showing where Métis people have lived, harvested, and contributed to their communities and British Columbia. These maps are invaluable in genealogical research and in helping understand Métis historical claims.

Participate in our Métis Harvest Survey and contribute to our collective understanding of historical and current Métis land and resource usage in British Columbia.

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